World Affairs Councils Podcast

Ari Cowan and Tony Belak on Preventing International Conflict

April 27, 2018

Violence and conflict is a common thread that runs throughout history and across all cultures. It disrupts local, national and international communities, and results in war, displacement and death.

One strategy to addressing violence and conflict is through a public health approach. The Violence Prevention and Restoration (PAR) Model, developed by the International Center for Compassionate Organizations (ICCO) explains how violence begins, spreads, and infects others much like a thought borne pathogen or virus.

This KNOW NOW program featured Ari Cowan and Tony Belak, Director General and Associate Director of ICCO, who discussed how the proliferation of international conflicts and violence in communities can be prevented by utilizing the PAR Model. Xiao Yin Zhao, Executive Director of the World Affairs Council of Kentucky and Southen Indiana, hosted this call.